October 2010

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Crush Your Enemy Totally

The remnants of an enemy can become active like those of a disaster or fire. Hence, these should be exterminated completely…. One should never ignore an enemy, knowing him to be weak. He becomes dangerous in due course, like the spark of fire in a haystack.


Voice of Customer

Our customers have expressed their gratitude to the intensified “mystery shopping” that NatHealth is conducting regularly.

It has resulted in minimizing the abuse. On this occasion, we like to extend our thanks to the healthcare providers who have passed the test and demonstrated the utmost integrity in following the contractual procedures agreed upon. As for those who did not comply, they are going to receive termination notices and will be held financially responsible for their deeds.


We would like to take this opportunity and ask our health network providers to vote on the following link:

Retaining Key Employees in Times of Economic Turmoil

Cut-throat price competition among insurance companies is leading to an increase in the number of subscribers in the portfolios of those companies that win the offers. Suddenly, they are faced with an enormous number of medical claims which, in turn, overloads their under-staffed medical departments. So what do they do? They start head-hunting the “star performers” in the TPA sector, seducing them with breathtaking, hard to refuse financial offers!

We, at NatHealth, have decided to put an end to this. First, we identified who the “hidden gems” in our workflow process are. We acknowledged that their retention is critical to our business. Second, we embarked on “a salary benchmark” study. The result was a compensation and benefits scheme which recommends/carries financial benefits and addresses the needs of our employees, based on their unique and individual situations. We found that a financial offer is only a fraction of the solution. Companies can successfully keep their employees by opening up to them and by listening to and addressing their concerns. From our experience, employee concerns are universal, shared by all employees anywhere in the world. They include securing housing, transportation, and education and health care for their families. There are also certain workplace issues such as who exactly is their boss, or which project they are anxious to participate in. We found that applying retention measures on key employees, using a tailored mix of financial and non-financial incentives, is crucial for managing organizations in times of economic challenges. Investing in your employees is investing in the future of your company.


As a part of the MENA ICT Forum 2010 successfully materializing activities, The Information Technology Association of Jordan (int@j) and NASSCOM of India have signed a MoU aimed at promoting joint collaboration and cooperation between both institutions.

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NatHealth has participated in the MENA ICT Forum 10.10.2010 this is in line with our continuous quest to know and follow up on what is new in the ICT sector.

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Industry Statistics

Did you know that Jordan exports medicine to 65 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada and Europe? The total export value is 500 million JD. However, the local market share for Jordanian pharmaceutical products is only 30%. This is unfortunate, as the quality of Jordanian products is as good if not better than the imported ones. We encourage our beneficiaries to buy locally- produced medicine. This will also support Jordan’s 16 factories which currently employ directly and indirectly more than 8000 Jordanians, of which 37% are females. The total yearly bill for medical care is 1.2 billion JD, 40% of which is medicine-related. Imagine the potential for saving if you buy local, and how this will help our economy!

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